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My son

Hi! I’m Brandi

Welcome to my blog!

I am a single mom of an amazing 8 year old son (Lennon) and we live near Baytown, TX. I work full time as a Payroll Accountant. I am also a student (currently on leave) with 1 more year to finish my Bachelors Degree.

The most important part about me is that I am a Christian. Jesus Christ saved my life more than once. Most of the story you can read in my book, “From Darkness to Light: Stepping Out From the Shadows of Depression." ( I am eternally grateful to my Lord and Savior! I gave my life to Him in February 2017. Since then He has transformed me in so many ways. He has delivered me from so many types of darkness including depression and domestic violence. I am not who I used to be! I am definitely not perfect. I still struggle with things on a daily basis which is why I need His love and grace to see me through. But I am growing each and every day and I strive to be intentional about that growth.


I am a leader in my church (Faith Family Church) over the homeless outreach area. My heart is for the lost and hopeless, those who do not know Jesus. But I also want to encourage those in the body of Christ to keep moving forward with Jesus. My assignment is to bring hope to the hopeless. I have also been given a prophetic gift and intend to use that for the Lord's glory in whatever way I can. My prayer is that my stories can encourage you in your own walk with the Lord. I am very transparent - sometimes uncomfortably so - in this blog. But I believe we are meant to share our stories to inspire others, whether that be encouragement or a call to action.

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