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A Letter from God - p. 1 - Intro

Before I start, I wanted to take moment to explain where this all started. Years ago, when I was first saved, the Lord had me writing letters to “strangers”. The format generally stayed the same. It started with “Dear Stranger,” or “Dear person I don’t know,” then there was a sentence on the fact that I had no idea who the letter was for while writing it. Next was a Scripture and then the word was shared, generally within the context of that Scripture. I wrote more of those letters than I can count. I would simply hand someone the letter, then try my best to disappear into the crowd before they figured out who I was. At a very large church, that was quite easy. I also left encouraging notes laying around in various places. It was fun to hear chatter in the bathroom when someone would find one, unbeknownst to them the giver of said note was listening in.

A few people tracked me down later to let me know it was just what they needed to hear or that it was exactly what they were going through, to which I simply responded that it wasn’t me, it was the Lord. Which is 100% true. He gave me the Scripture and He gave me the words. I barely even knew any Scripture when I started. I just listened and wrote. Later on, I started studying the gifts of the Spirit and came across prophecy. Everything I read clicked and thought maybe this was my gift. Then I remembered some of the things I had read about false prophets and became fearful. At this time, I was in a discipleship program. We took classes in the program, and one of those was an overview of the Bible, taught by Ms. Deb. At the end of class, we would ask questions, so I raised my hand. I asked her “how would someone know if they were a false prophet?” I’ll never forget her answer. She simply said “well, they wouldn’t be asking if they were a false prophet.” She saw something in me that day that I didn’t for years to come.

I’m not prepared to go into the rest of the story, though I believe someday I will for the sake of others new in the gift. But I have grown in it and I have come to understand how so many parts of who God created me to be line up with that. I’ve learned that there is great weight that comes with the calling. Sharing words from the Lord is not to be taken lightly. Over the last few weeks, I have felt a call to step into another level of my calling by sharing more. But looking at other prophets left me a bit intimidated and clueless on how this starts. I also don’t know that I am prepared for the friendly fire that will come with doing this. But the Lord reminded me about the letters and how I had already started. I realized that I never wavered in my confidence that I had a word from the Lord for someone on paper when I handed it to them. So that’s how this begins, or, continues. Simply writing letters from God to strangers, only this time they will be shared with more than one person. I will start using the platform I already have which is my blog, but I may eventually start a separate site for it. Maybe I'll get brave enough to do a video or 2. It's whatever God wants to do with it! Not every letter is for every person. These are for specific people. I am assuming more than once hence sharing on this platform. But do not receive anything from anyone, including myself, unless you've first heard from the Lord. This should be confirmation.

You know just today I read a prophetic word from someone that had me bawling, at my job nonetheless. You see I knew that word may have been for hundreds of others too, but I had no doubt in my mind that it was for me. There were very specific words in that post that I had prayed, and not just general things. And very specific scenarios I had faced in 2023. It was exactly what I needed to start this. The thing about a prophetic word is it’s not just encouragement. It’s a call to action. It’s a call to rise up into your calling and to be obedient to what God has asked of you. It's strength when you are weary, but it's also comfort that you are supposed to share with others when they are struggling. Because there's something in you that's going to spark the gift in others. It's going to open eyes to see who God is and cause people to turn to Him. And it's all for His glory. I hope that one of these letters helps you in this way. I pray it draws you closer to Him.



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