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Letter #3

As I begin this, writing by hand first at the park on beautiful Friday afternoon, I have no idea who this is for. But I know the Lord knows you, He sees you right now, and He loves you. He smiles at you, you know. And He is proud of how far you’ve come. You’ve grown in ways you may not have realized yet.

You’ve had a lot of people coming against you here lately. They misunderstand your motives. They misunderstand you. There have been a lot of attacks, and there’s been a lot of mental warfare coming against you that you’ve told no one about. And that’s because you’re the one who’s always there for others. You don’t want to burden anyone with your problems. But you need to reach out. God places people in our lives for a reason. See Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. You just thought “who can I reach out to that us not a part of “this” or connected to “this.” There are people who offered to help that are not a part of “that.” And this is their time to shine.

You've felt alone, forgotten, used. And yet you smile. But you’ve lost your joy. Others may not see it, but God does. And those who can see with His eyes see. That’s why you’re reading this. What no one else knows, God knows. And He understands at a level no one else can. I know you want to walk away. But we both know that’s not what God asked of you. In the midst of persecution, in the midst or the trial, in the midst of the misunderstanding – stand firm. Sorry to break this to you but you’re never going to fit in with them. You were never meant to. Don’t let the enemy or people steal your identity, who you are, who God created you to be. Do NOT conform to their standards. Do not lose yourself. You answer to God, not man. Be respectful about it, but DO NOT CONFORM.

I wish I could tell you it’s over but I can’t. The storm just started. Which is why you need to hold on tight to what the Lord showed you. He hasn’t forgotten about what He promised you. Don’t let the warfare break you. You break it. You and others will come out of this stronger. You will be a new person and there will be no going back. You will be unable to stand for injustice. This is the season where you find your voice. Don’t give in.

Reach out to someone – today. 3 simple words – “I need help.” And I promise you they will stop for you. You have got to open up about what you’re going through. You are NOT a burden. Not to others and not to the Lord. You are a child of God. Jesus left the 99 for the 1 and sometimes, you’re the 1. Because you matter that much. So don’t give up on your assignment. Embrace the fact that you were created differently. That is how God made you! Be who God created you to be and let everyone else adjust. Get your fire for God, your passion for Him, back. It’s contagious you know, the passion. And there’s others around you that need to catch that.

Don’t stop knocking on the doors, presenting ideas, talking about what God has shown you. You know if they don’t answer, God’s gonna knock that door down. On His timing of course. Keep seeking Him. Keep your eyes on Jesus do not lose focus right now. Don’t give up. And believe in yourself. You are hearing His voice. Don’t let anyone convince otherwise. HE SEES YOU. You are NOT alone. Blessings ❤️


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