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The fog

Updated: Jan 26

A few mornings ago, I was driving, headed to take my son to the place that watches him before school so I can head to work. Before we left, I took the dog out and I noticed that it was a little foggy out. I had a dense fog alert on my phone about it. Everything was soaking wet, yet it had not rained. I jokingly told my son this is what it would be like to be in a cloud. He is still of the belief that we could sit on them in the sky, despite flying through them once on a plane. I do love his imagination. As soon as we left and I turned onto the main road, the fog was so thick that I could only see a few feet in front of the car. At one point there were some headlights that looked to be a mile away, but the fog was just obstructing the view. But I was not concerned. Lennon seemed nervous so I asked if he was ok back there and he said, “aren’t you worried that you can’t see?” And what I replied with didn’t hit me until yesterday. I told him “I am not worried at all, because I know this road. I drive it every day. If I didn’t know the road, I might be a little more concerned, but God always keeps us safe.”

            So, I started thinking about this. What does this mean in the grand scheme of things? There’s always a lesson. What does this mean in relation to my walk with the Lord? And I realized it was Him telling me that He goes before me, so I need not be afraid of the road ahead of me. Now you could also say that a well-traveled road is a safe place to be. That the path the Lord has us on will sometimes be familiar. But He often sends us into unfamiliar territory. God’s not really a fan of our “comfort zone.” But when we’re following him, we don’t need to worry about potential dangers along that road. We use caution (wisdom), but we have no fear.

On a road through a state forest, I would know to watch out for deer or animals crossing the road. But on this road, I know that’s not likely. I know exactly where to slow down for the light, and the spots people may pull out of a neighborhood. I know where the big curve is to slow down before crossing under the freeway. I also know no one understands the 4-way stop at the freeway crossing so be ready for people to run the stop signs. But I only know that from experience. Our experience on the road can help us on our journey. And that experience comes from the things that the Lord has brought us through. When we know He has brought us down a certain road before, we can avoid potential pitfalls along the way. But the best part about that is we can help others too.

Think about a time that you gave someone directions. Now if you’ve done that anywhere in Houston, or any major city, you don’t just tell them to exit, take a left at the Chevron, and a right onto the street. No, you’re more likely to warn them of the potential dangers – and around Houston that’s typically potholes. You don’t want a friend to cause major damage to their car by hitting one of those (especially when some are the size of a car…). You may have even warned them to follow that speed limit to avoid a ticket (like on Bay Area Blvd in Clearlake/Seabrook…where cops hide in bushes and the bumps in the road might have you catching air if you hit them too hard). A good friend is going to give you all the details so you can get there safely. We can be that friend helping someone on their spiritual journey. Our experience can help them avoid so much – so long as they are willing to listen.

God does the same thing. And He does it even better than us. God sees the whole road. He sees the roadblocks, the spots we need to slow down at, the “potholes” placed to derail us (enemy attacks), the curves and turns – He sees it all. So, who better to get advice from than the one who made the road. Most of us don’t get the luxury of talking to the people who built the roads, just the ones who have traveled them before. But in our walk with the Lord, we have the advantage of being about to talk to brothers and sisters who have been there AND the one who built it.
            You see when the fog is on the road, we can’t see much of what’s ahead of us. But when we talk to that builder, He can guide us safely through. The biggest danger is if we do not listen AND obey. If you don’t slow down before that big curve on my road, you will be going right off that road and you will cause damage to others property at that. If you don’t know that people don’t pay attention pulling out of the RV parks and neighborhoods, you may end up rear ending someone. In our walk with the Lord if we don’t listen and obey, it’s not just affecting us, it’s affecting others too. We could potentially cause them harm should we not heed Him.

            Some of you out there are traveling on that foggy road and you’re nervous. You’re worried that you might not make it to your destination safely. Let me encourage you by letting you know that if you follow the Lord, you will make it. And while you’re on the journey, don’t be afraid to ask for some advice from the ones who have traveled before you. We’re not always going to have a crystal-clear path cut out for us. If we did, we wouldn’t need the Lord’s help along the way. And that is one of the most dangerous places to be – stuck in pride. Keep your eyes on the Lord and He will guide you to the destination – not the one that you planned, but the one that He planned for you. There will be twists and turns, roadblocks and potholes, dangerous conditions and beautiful sights. But it’s all worth it in the end.
You may have some earthly destinations, but ultimately, we’re all headed to an eternal destination. And those who know and truly follow Jesus have the eternal destination of heaven, where we will see Him face to face. A place of no more tears and sorrow, no more struggle and pain. But I can’t talk about heaven without talking about the other path. Not everyone will go to that destination. There is a path that leads to death, a path that leads to hell. That path leads away from the presence of God, eternity without Him. There are many who have chosen that path. We have a choice which path to take. We choose our ultimate destination. If you’re reading this and you don’t know the Lord, or you’ve traveled far down the wrong path, you’re not too far gone. God’s waiting for you, all you need to do is turn around and He is there. Follow Him. Commit your life to Him. Not just Sundays and the occasional serve opportunity – He wants your whole heart, your whole life. I’d be happy to have a conversation about it if you’re interested. You can reach me by email, which is at the bottom of this site, or on Facebook messenger.

-Part 2-

A word.

There are some of you who have read this and realized that your mind has been in a fog. In fact, you were thinking that before you even read all this because God showed you. Everything has just been a blur and while life is continuing, you’re stuck in this state of just existing. And no one knows it but you and God because you put on a very good front. You feel like you have to because others are looking up to you. And you don’t feel worthy of the position that you are in. (Truth be told, none of us are. But God in His grace placed us where we are for a reason. You are worthy in His eyes.) Nothing crazy is happening in your world, in fact life is ok right now for you - on the outside. But you’ve been under heavy attack in your mind. You think that some of the thoughts that you’ve had would shock those around you. But you’d be surprised who’s facing those too right now. You hear from the Lord; He has shared things with you. Yet you still feel stuck, and you’re not sure why. It’s affecting your close relationships with people, including your family.

God is about to clear the fog, but you’re going to have to meet Him halfway. I know what you’re thinking. You’ve been in the Word, and you’ve been praying for others. But the Lord is trying to take you deeper. He allowed the fog because there’s a lesson in this. And you’re going to need to seek Him directly for more details on that. But I can tell you that this is going to make you stronger.

And I also need to tell you that you had better start praying for yourself too. You’ve prayed things like: “God work in me/in my life, change me for Your glory, help me to look like you” You even prayed “Lord, take away this thorn in my side so I can be greater for You, so I can build Your Kingdom.” But you’ve been so focused on serving, giving, and pouring out that you’ve forgotten to pray for yourself. You receive not because you ask not. Ask Him to help you draw closer to Him – not for the purpose of doing something for Him. Ask Him to show you how He sees you. And for Him to give you an encounter with His love. You are His child. Let Him hold you like a good Father does.

Stop holding your tears back. I know you’ve been taught otherwise but it’s ok to cry. Isn’t that the advice that you just gave someone? It’s time for you to spend some time praying for YOU. You don’t have to stop praying for others, but you need healing too. You need encouragement too. You need love too – but you’ve got to stop acting so tough and receive it. Not just from the Lord, but from others too.

Stay on the road. Continue to ask God for guidance on that road, no matter how foggy it may be. For He is your light and your salvation – of whom shall you fear? He is your stronghold – of whom shall you be afraid? (Psalm 27 reference). Let Him be the light on your path. He sees you. He knows exactly where you are right now, and this is your reminder of that.

Get back into a rhythm of seeking His face more than pouring out. The Lord is taking you to a new level – this year is your year to ascend. You will soar on wings like eagles, you will run and not grow weary, you will walk and not faint. Do not be afraid, for the Lord God Almighty is by your side. When you get to that higher level with Him, He’s going to show you things you never could have imagined. There is going to be clarity – even when the fog comes again, you will see through it to what lies on the other side. Stay in a posture to receive what He has for you. Cast every doubt out the window.

Stop letting others manipulate you into “calming down” your gift. There is order, and that is important. So is honor and respect. But don’t you dare let them hold you back from what God is calling you into. Do not run from where you are – you are exactly where God wants you because He has some things to show those ones who have tried to get you to conform. Do not conform to the ways of man. Your obedience will take them to the next level. Every act of obedience and sacrifice over the last couple of years is about to be repaid. You will no longer doubt your assignment.

(You know I realize this applies to different people right now because God will speak to more than one person, but there is a particular person on my mind as I write this. I can only pray that person comes across this. And if you do, know that I have reasons that I cannot reach out to you directly with this, but you know where to find me should you need someone to talk to about this. I understand more than you know what it is like to be trapped in that fog. In the meantime, you are in my prayers.)


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