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So, I know I have already done a blog about “ninja mom,” but this one is different. Today, I am sitting at the mechanic (with my son…yay…BUT – shoutout to the manager at Baytown Firestone for loudly announcing to the other mechanics twice – “Alright who’s got the Volkswagen, I got a mom waiting!” That won me over.), due to some oil issue. Our plans of going to the dog park down the drain, but I am trusting that God has a plan! So anyway, I am scrolling Facebook and I see:

I couldn’t help but comment on the post:

“Listen moms. This whole idea is DUMB. Moms should never compete. They should help each other! Just because you’re not super organized with all the snacks and your kids listen like they’re in the military like TikTok likes to portray (and it’s NOT true) does NOT mean you are not a “super mom.” Do you care for your kids and give them your all? You are a super mom. This whole thing is about to become a blog post for me because it’s too much to put in a comment.”

So, I brought it to the blog.

First off, the idea of moms competing with each other sickens me. It does happen, and it is very real but to encourage it is plain wrong. I didn’t click on the link, but I saw in the comments that this competition is based on gaining the most “votes” and you could “buy votes” so it was pretty clear this was just a ploy for someone to earn money. But the sad thing is, so many will sign up with hopes of winning $20,000. We sure could use $20,000, but it is not worth that to participate in something I find immoral. If you signed up sorry to call you out- you do you but I believe it is wrong.

But let’s talk about this a little more. We have all seen these moms on social media that just seem like they have it all together. Everything is organized, the kids seem to listen so well, dinner is on the table on time, grocery trips seem to go perfectly, etc. But we’re only seeing what people WANT you to see. The entire day is not recorded. The temper tantrums and throwing things, the house before it was cleaned, the disorganized disaster, messy car, etc. was not recorded. Look there might be great advice out there and some wonderful ideas to organize, but mama don’t you dare compare yourself to any social media mom – including me. Every mom is different. Every child is different. Every situation is different.

So, I’m here to tell you if you: 1. Care about and for your child 2. Do not abuse your child 3. Make sure they have food in their belly, clothes on their back and have a toy or two, YOU ARE A SUPER MOM. Listen, parenting is HARD. Anyone who says it’s easy is a straight up liar or they’re doing it wrong. I will say this more than once no doubt. On this blog you will see the real side of being a mom. Any videos I share will be real too. I believe in showing the good and the bad because as moms we need to know we’re not alone. There is nothing like the relief of talking to a mom and realizing she is going through the exact same thing with her child. If I can be that mom, I am happy to. But if you don’t win the “super-mom” contest – by no means does it mean you are not a “super-mom.”

So here’s my second thing about this “competition.” Things like this are honestly a straight up scam. First off, who is even voting for these moms? Another mom? Some older man? A teenager or someone who doesn’t know the first thing about parenting? As I mentioned before, the fact that you can buy votes is already a red flag. What I see is moms entering, not getting many votes, then feeling awful about themselves because people didn’t vote for them. What they don’t realize is the whole system is rigged! I mean, on the cover photo is a lady with a baby on the top of a mountain – WHO THE HECK BRINGS THEIR BABY TO THE TOP OF A MOUNTAIN. I won’t even bring my 6-year-old up a mountain (we tried a trail up a cliff once at Dinosaur Valley State Park – never again. My heart nearly stopped about 18 times and he decided a cliff with a 50 foot drop was a GREAT place to throw a whole tantrum because I wouldn’t let go of his hand. NEVER AGAIN.)

That’s the idea of “super-mom?” I think not. No, super mom is the stay-at-home mom who is plum exhausted at the end of the day from caring for her 3 kids and her husband. Super mom is the mom out there working a full-time job and still manages to have the house somewhat clean and the kids in bed on time. Super mom is the mom working 3 jobs to provide for her kids. Super mom is the mom who would and has given everything for her kids. In fact 99% of the moms I have met are all super moms! Super mom – is YOU. (If you are a mom, there may be some other people reading this too lol)

The last thing I want to say about this “sponsored ad post” is I am really proud of the other mom’s out there for some of the comments on there! SO many had the same reaction I did and they were sure to be encouraging to other moms on there! I would share some of the comments but after my screen-shot I lost the post. But scrolling through it was nice to see. If you are a mom, I have a challenge for you today – go encourage another mom. Any mom – your mom, your friend, a stranger, the mom at the grocery store. Find a mom anywhere and just give her a compliment. Tell her she is doing a great job. Tell her how beautiful she looks today (LADIES ONLY – men don’t do this or she might give you a death stare lol). Tell her how well her kids behave. Anything. Your mission today is to encourage a mom!

P.S. Now that I am posting this later I wanted to update - Firestone did not charge me (I had already seen them for an oil change prior) so that was a HUGE blessing, and now I am finishing this up at the dealership who hopefully can fix my car finally! And I can continue my adventure doing Uber/Lyft. I'll do a post about my experiences doing that soon!


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